3D Camera Technology Comes to the Madison Real Estate Market

February 12th, 2015

Imagine searching the internet looking for your next home. You type in your criteria and click through the photos of the listings that appeal to you. if you see one you like well enough, you call your agent and make an appointment to see it. That’s how real estate works, right? Right. But what if it worked like this? As you click on a listing that suits your needs, you see a button for a virtual walk through. We’re not talking about the slow, painful, distorted videos of the past. This virtual walk through actually allows you to go up and down stairs, in and out of rooms, and even approach the windows and look out at the view.

Thanks to the 3D Matterport camera we recently purchased, this is now a reality.

You can see it in action at our listing at 1155 Farwell Dr. in Maple Bluff.

Besides the virtual showcase that allows you to walk through the house, you can also see a dollhouse version of all the levels in the house and a floorplan that’s filled in with the actual photos.


While a virtual walk though of a property can never replace an actual in-person showing with a good real estate agent, it does have many benefits for both buyers and sellers.

  • Enhanced listings provide sellers with a competitive advantage
  • Buyers get an online home viewing experience that addresses their need for more expansive visual information
  • Fewer unnecessary showings take place because buyers can determine beforehand if the floorplan works for their needs
  • Buyers who are relocating from another city (or state or country) can target their top choices and possibly eliminate some travel, or allow more time getting familiar with their new city when they’re here and less time house hunting
  • Floorplans are easy to read as they are photographic in format
  • Views are highlighted by the HDR technology of the Matterport camera – perfect for listings with lake views

How does it work? Termed a “three-dimensional media platform,” the Matterport 3D Showcase is an integrated, automated camera system that uses cloud-based technology. We connect the camera to an iPad, and, using an interactive screen, plot the areas to scan in the home – about every 5′ or so. We capture several 360° shots of each room until a complete 3D image is created. Once all the property scans are taken, we upload the data to the cloud. Matterport then processes the information and a 3D model is online within a few hours.  It effectively creates a digital floor plan of the space, allowing potential buyers to virtually walk through the home using simple computer interface.

To view our three listings on Matterport:

909 Farwell Dr

625 Farwell Dr

1155 Farwell Dr

If you’re interested in learning more, or using the technology on your house if you’re thinking of selling, give Shelly Sprinkman a call at 608.220.1453.