5 Things To Do Before Putting Your Home On The Market

January 2nd, 2014

It's a new year and chances are you've spent some time thinking about how you'd like the next twelve months to look. If one of your goals is to move out of your current home, there are certain things you should consider before putting the for sale sign in your yard. Here we share the top five:

1. Call a Realtor You Trust. (We highly recommend calling Shelly at 608.220.1453. It's possible we're biased.) After she walks through your home with you she'll ascertain a fair price range based on the local market, your location, lot and any upgrades you may have completed that increase the value of your home. Then she'll put together a sales and marketing plan that suits your needs during this particular transition.

2. Get a Home Inspection/Make Repairs. This is part of the process once you have an offer. By doing it up front you can make any necessary repairs before a buyer steps through the front door. This not only makes your home more attractive, it also leads to a smoother sale.

3. Prepare For The Move By Clearing Clutter Now.  Take this time to throw away, sell or donate things you no longer need. Purge the basement of years of accumulation, clear closets, etc. This accomplishes two things: it make your house look nicer and it will simplify your life come moving day and allow for a fresh start in your new home.

4. Talk To Your Mortgage Lender/Financial Advisor.  Avoid any surprises by determining now what you’ll need to have prepared in order to pay off your current loan. And you can decide how much you can put into a new home if you intend to buy.

5. Meet With A Professional Stager.  Sprinkman Real Estate provides a complimentary consultation with our stager/interior designer who will work with you to make subtle changes to make your home appealing to prospective buyers. We do this because we know a staged home sells more quickly than an unstaged home, especially if the house is vacant. Working with a professional will make your home shine in the photos which will increase showings.

Completing the five steps above will ensure your home is buyer-ready. And that's a great way to start a new year off right!