6 Reasons Why We Started Our Own Boutique Real Estate Brokerage

October 13th, 2014

Occasionally we get asked what the difference is between our boutique brokerage and a bigger regional or national broker. People see all the different “for sale” signs around town and wonder why there are so many. A year ago we were part of a bigger brokerage and, like most agents, acted as independent contractors. Our signs had their colors and logo with our names. We were a bit unique in that we created a self-sustaining team with not only realtors, but also a photographer/marketer and a professional stager, but still, we were under someone else’s control. In time, we came to see that in order to run our business the way we felt it needed to be run, we had to become our own brokerage. So we did. We are certainly not the first or the only agents who have taken this path, but here’s why we did it:


 + We have been able to craft our own mix of technology via devices and apps and various software programs that combined make us more efficient, more eco-friendly (we have a paperless process), and more effective. We think this is important because we can respond to our clients and other agents wherever we -or they- are in the world and with the best and most up-to-date information.

+ Being small means we are agile. If something isn’t working, or if a better technology arises, we can adapt quickly. 

+ The internet has leveled the playing field. Global reach is no longer solely the purview of the national and international brokerages. In fact, a decent percentage of our website visitors are from other countries.

+ We are continuously seeking a better way of doing things. We think the real estate industry as a whole is rather prehistoric-like in it’s adoption of technology. Considering 98% of home buyers start online, it makes sense to tap into other industry's knowledge and case histories in order to learn how best to serve them. So as we've aligned our vision with our operations, we’ve looked to leaders in other industries for inspiration. We share our findings with the team and continuously implement what we find useful.

+ As a team of agents working together, we have our own clients, but we are not competitive as it’s in everyone’s best interest to support one another. We are transparent in our transactions and support each other when someone needs an extra hand. At many brokerages, this is not the case as everyone is a potential competitor.

+ We provide outstanding value to our clients because of the high quality team we have assembled. At the end of the day every realtor has the same job. But the way they go about it and the value provided can vary wildly. In our case, every single client is given our star treatment. We have experienced agents, an extremely talented stager (an interior designer), a photographer who spends hours on every house to ensure the best qualities are showcased online, and we provide high-level creative and smart marketing that cuts through the clutter. We acknowledge we can only be excellent at so many things, so for areas that require more knowledge than we have, we hire experts to fill in the gaps. For example, we work with people whose sole job is to know things like SEO (search engine optimization), web design, social media, etc. We spend a lot of time and resources making sure we are doing everything we can to serve our clients well. 


We are not your typical realtor. We don’t want to be. There’s a reason our tagline is “Rethinking real estate.” And we're not ever going to stop. We’re having way too much fun doing it our way!