7 tips to keep your home from looking like a haunted house this Halloween

October 26th, 2015

With Halloween coming up this weekend, everyone is busy decorating their homes and finishing the last minute touches on their perfect costumes for the big day. While there is nothing more thrilling than anxiously walking up to a spooky haunted house Halloween night, you don’t want potential buyers feeling this same sensation as they take a look at the curb appeal of your home. To make sure no prospective homebuyers run away from your home screaming in terror this Fall, we have come up with seven tips to boost the curb appeal of your home!

1. Curb appeal begins online

As more and more people begin their search for listings online, photos (specifically exterior photos) are the very first impression for potential buyers. Before our photographer, Becky Behling, transforms your home through beautiful photos, go around your home during the day when the lighting is the best and take a series of shots. After, sit down and examine the photos as if you were a buyer and get rid of any extras that you discover in the photos. Because homeowners become so accustomed to their own home, it’s easy to forget what it would look like to a fresh set of eyes. Taking photos and putting yourself in a buyer’s shoes will allow you to see what needs to be changed on the exterior to make the best first impression.

2. Act like a buyer

Walk around your home with a notepad and pen and jot down areas that need repairing, replacing or cleaning. Then, hop in your car and drive by from both directions during the day and at night to make sure you are seeing the different views of your home at all points throughout the day. This may lead you to discovering something hiding in a tree or on top of the roof that you had never notificed before.

3. Check that your house numbers are visible

If your house numbers are not easy to see from either direction of the street or they are dirty and dingy, replacing them will make a tremendous impact. While this may seem like a small and unnecessary detail, house numbers are one of the first things prospective buyers are looking for when they are searching for a listing. Add an extra unique selling point to your home through new house numbers that stand out from the style of your home.

4. Get a second opinion

After years of walking by the chip in the paint on the front door it’s easy for homeowners to forget about certain defects. Once you have sat down and determined a budget for how much you are willing to spend to repair and rejuvenate your home (if need be), hire an outsider to come in with fresh eyes and help you decide what needs work.

5. Open up!

Fling open those curtains and blinds and let the natural sunlight shine in! Homes that are brighter sell faster, and a home with open curtains looks prettier and more inviting on the streets.

6. Brighten up your landscape

Wow trick-o-treaters on Halloween night by lighting up your walkway with solar light fixtures, which are both affordable and easy to install. Place them in different areas of your exterior to highlight your home’s best attributes.

7. Give your front door and entryway a makeover

With paint only costing about $25 per gallon, you can polish the front door, trim and shutters while staying within budget. The best way to get potential buyers through your doors is giving your front door a refreshing makeover!


If your house is currently on the market or you are thinking about selling, use these easy and cost-effective methods to increasing the curb appeal of your home for the Halloween weekend and throughout the rest of the fall season!