8 Home Selling Tips Every Madison Area Seller Should Know

October 3rd, 2014

Wouldn’t it be lovely if it only took a week to sell your home after putting it on the market? If the real estate gods descended upon the sign in your yard moments after it was posted and stamped “SOLD” in glowing gold glitter? ┬áIt can happen. (Well, maybe not the real estate gods part.) But most of us have to be patient – and proactive – when it comes to selling our houses. It’s not as simple as signing a contract and putting a sign in your yard. While both those things are necessary, there are many other important things that both you and your realtor need to do to get to a closing. We extol the virtues of pricing it right for the market, staging, professional photography and targeted marketing to all our clients. Turns out we’re not the only ones who think this way. Andy Fulton, the marketing manager at Trulia, shared this infographic with us outlining the top tips for sellers that he gathered from 500 agents around the country. We’re especially fond of tip #6. (ahem)


Home Selling Tips Every Seller Should Know