A Case of the Willy’s

August 18th, 2016

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They say the first is always better than the sequel, but what do they say about the threequel? Willy Street Co-op is trying its hand at a third store, “Willy Street North.” With much success from the infamous original, terrific feedback on the second, and buzzing excitement about the third, it seems the Co-op’s score will include a hat-trick in its near future.

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Located at 2817 N. Sherman Ave, the store opens its doors at the address that used to be to home Pierce’s Market. The north location is larger than their two other stores combined, allowing them to provide an extensive list of products! Without the Co-op, the surrounding areas face the inconvenience and sometimes detrimental effects of living in what some have called “a food desert.” With so many converging neighborhoods on this side of town, Willy Street Co-op is stepping up to the plate, and will likely become an important hub in this area. Walking through the store it’s already apparent that they’re offering a variety of the nutrition wants and needs the neighborhood has asked for. Pop-Tarts line some shelves, while in the bakery you can still find those gluten-free, vegan muffins. The people have called, and with much variety, Willy Street Co-op has answered.

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The store opened their doors on August 15th, for a “soft” opening; the neighborhood can expect to see the grand opening in Mid- September. It’s clear that they’ve got some work to do before this anticipated date, but the impact their open sign has had on the community is already evident based on the volume of customers pushing shopping carts through their aisles. Willy Street Co-op is open from 7:30-9:30 daily at their North location, as well as their two others, East and West. If there’s not one there yet, who knows, maybe you Willy see the next Co-op in your neighborhood!