A Photographic Celebration Of Little Houses On Lake Mendota

August 2nd, 2012

Photo Credit: Jeff Strahl

Jeff Strahl grew up in Madison and spent his summers on Lake Mendota in a small cottage. A few years ago on a trip back to Madison he noticed that so many of the cottages he grew to love as a child had been razed and replaced with larger, decidely posher lake homes. In 2010, Jeff, a creative director and photographer, captured the remaining cottages on film and has since turned his photos into a book: “Little House On The Lake”.  He says:

“This book is a photographic record of the remaining cottages left on Madison's Lake Mendota during the summer of 2010. There is a natural desire to build larger modern homes, and that has led to the steady and rapid removal of lake cottages that once contributed so greatly to Lake Mendota's accessible charm and character. I felt that it was culturally imperative to collectively record these structures for a better understanding of a sense-of-place, nostalgia and preservation for Madisonians, current and future.”


He is currently raising money to print the 12' x 12' book on Kickstarter.com. Donors who give $65+ before August 7th will get a signed copy of the 128-page book after it is published in late fall. 

You can learn more on the project's Facebook page, or at littlehouseonthelake.org.

Here's a link to the article that appeared in Sunday's Wiscosnin State Journal.