Brasserie V - Another Reason to Love Monroe Street!

January 31st, 2013


Is bigger better? That's certainly the case at the newly expanded Brasserie V on Monroe Street in Madison, WI. After the bridal shop next door moved out, the Belgian-inspired restaurant/pub finally answered the neighborhood's prayers and more than doubled their space. With twice the capacity of the previous space, there will be less wait time for a table on weekends. Though with 25 beers on tap (a rotating selection) and over 200 beers in bottles, who minds waiting?



Brasserie V did a good job of maintaining the intimate neighborhood feel they had going in the existing space. And the new side has a gorgeous tile floor that absolutely suits the Belgian vibe. A blackboard in the entryway listing the local food sources and the names of the day or night's servers, bartenders, host and cooks does a nice job of setting a friendly, easy-going tone that is carried through by everyone on staff. And while I imagine it's difficult to know the characteristic tastes, much less the names, of all 225+ beers, our server had quick and knowledgeable answers to all of our questions. 




What a jewel in the Vilas/Greenbush area's already diamond-laden crown! Can't wait to go back for more frites and aoli. . . 



 – Becky