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Benefits of a Buyers Agent

What does a buyer’s agent do?
We translate real estate speak, guard your time and money
and guide you safely home.


We speak the language of square footage, school districts, zoning, taxes, comparables and more. We’re a well-trained set of eyes, ears, and noses. We sniff out private listing opportunities, red flags, and problematic contracts. 

We dig deeper! We reach out to our private network, speak with our many local connections, and show you “pocket listings” that other agents don’t know about. Need a detail-oriented inspector, a talented contractor, a reputable mover, and a trusted mortgage broker? No worries! We know them. 

Best of all, these services are offered to you free of charge. Yes, you read that correctly. The Buyer Agent commission is usually paid for by the Sellers.

Let’s meet for coffee, green juice, or a glass of Malbec. We’ll walk you through the process.
Pay for the drinks. Then help you find your way home.