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DINES Downtown
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With professionalism and expertise at the forefront, DINES’ knowledge of and passion for downtown living is complemented by SPRINKMAN’S unmatched commitment to real estate marketing, client services, technology and digital presence.


Your Downtown

Our team will bring leading real estate support to sellers, buyers and developers alike as neighborhood real estate market experts, innovators and advocates for downtown living. 

SRE + Dines

The Square

Anchored by our
beautiful Capitol Square, our Downtown Neighborhoods north, south, east and west play host to culture, dining, entertainment and events throughout the Isthmus.

How Do You Live

SPRINKMAN+DINES appreciates the nuances of all downtown condominiums. We are well versed in the location and amenities of each project, and we’ll adeptly market the perks and benefits of your home.

(Shop, Appreciate, Indulge + Listen)

Let SPRINKMAN+ DINES help you “SAIL” through the city from Mendota to Monona soaking up the best that the Isthmus has to offer. 

Be In-The-Know

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