Eat Local with Willy Street Co-op!

September 8th, 2015

Labor day weekend is behind us and September is kicking into gear! Why not finish off these last few weeks of the summer season healthy and strong by competing in the Willy Street Co-op’s Eat Local Challenge with the Sprinkman Real Estate team! We are always up for a challenge, especially when eating delicious, local food is the main event. Here’s how it works…

Willy Street Co-op is making it easy for you to Eat Local all month long by promoting local products throughout their store, giving you a bang for your buck, and inviting even more local farmers into their two stores for customers to sample their products and ask questions. Willy Street Co-op challenges you to eat local for two weeks, three weeks, or four!

Why should you eat local?

Eating local gives you access to the freshest ingredients in your area. Unlike products from across the world, you are receiving products farm-to-table, which provides you with more nutrients. Less travel time for food products means less fossil fuel burned in our air and less packaging. And, the most important and beneficial reason to eat local: Giving back to your community by supporting your local farmers.

The three levels of local


At the co-op, local means the product was sourced from anywhere in Wisconsin or within 15o miles of the State Capitol building. You can figure out which products are local in the store by searching for the purple tag below each product. Each tag is broken down into three levels of local:

100% Local: Products above this shelf tag are baked, cooked, mixed etc. locally.
Essentially Local: At least 50% of the ingredients are grown or raised in Wisconsin, or are within 150 miles of the State Capitol building.
Locally prepared: Products above this tab are prepared locally, and may contain some local ingredient; however, they do not meet the criteria of “essentially local”.

Mini Challenges

While the first week of September is behind us, here are the remaining three challenges:

Week two (Sept. 7 – 11): Make a recipe with at least one local item – describe where it came from and how you’re preserving it and share a photo.
Week three (Sept. 14 – 18): Preserve (can, freeze, dry, etc.) at least on local item – describe where it came from and how you’re preserving it, and share a photo!
Week four (Sept. 21 – 25): List three products that you think could be made locally, but they aren’t in Dane County as far as you know, and share a photo!

We will be sharing photos all three weeks, so make sure to share along with us!

Throughout the Eat Local Month, Willy Street Co-op will be bringing in a variety of local vendors into the two stores. To find out where and when these events occur:  willystreet.coop/events

We hope you compete in the Eat Local Challenge with us this month!

For full details on the challenge, read here on Willy Street’s website: https://www.willystreet.coop/willy-street-co-ops-eat-local-month

Eat local and enjoy!