Holiday Hostess Tips

December 15th, 2016

designer tips
from alex wood

Holidays can cause extra stress in dealing with all the family and friends that gather around your dining room table. How to pull of that perfect holiday party, take note of these hosting tips from Madison interior designer, Alex Wood.

1. Get guests out of the kitchen.

We spend so much time decorating our living rooms, so we most definitely should showcase them. Alex noted that people will go where the food and drinks are, so set up the hors d’oeuvres and bar cart in the living room!

2. Keep Fresh Flowers in the House

Pick one bloom and one color; keep it simple! Alex called flowers a “luxury item,” just one vase of them can quickly add to the tone and décor in your home.

3. Add  personal touches to your party

Simply serving the classic Wisconsin Old Fashioned cocktail shows guests you put thought into what you were putting on your table. Alex noted that place cards are a great way to add a bit of “you” into the party: bring in some nature. Since we are on the brink of winter, collect pine cones from the backyard and clean them up to use as place setters. If you’re not into a DIY project, don’t fret! The cocktail napkin is here to save the day; either with your monogram or a play on the party theme, cocktail napkins add spice where it might have been missing before.


The key of being a good host, show that you care.  However you plan to entertain this holiday season, consider adding some of Alex’s party tricks to your event!