Feng Shui Testimonial

January 9th, 2017

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with jane antonovich

Read below on how Feng Shui helped these two clients sell their homes.

client 1

A VERY BUSY professional with teenagers and a spouse who had just passed away (at a very young age) was offered a career advancement and wanted to move to another state. Her home was jam-packed with items from decades of living, accumulating and never intentionally letting go. The clutter was a huge block in her ability to sell and move forward with her life. We worked to clear out everything that she did not need or LOVE and lightened her load by at least 75%.

We then arranged her furniture, art and mirrors, put a HUGE bouquet of flowers on the kitchen island and the house sold the next day for MORE than the asking price. The best part? Her family packed in no time flat, found their dream home immediately and began the new chapter of their lives unencumbered with the clutter and chaos of their previous home.

client 2

This client’s home had been on the market for 18 months. He called to see if I could make some suggestions to expedite a sale, without lowering the price, AGAIN! The Bag Map (bagua_2-1) is a tool used in Feng Shui. It shows how the areas of a home and parts of our lives correlate. His home was actually MISSING the wealth area. It was cut out of the design of the home and causing a drain (obviously) in his finances. The house was also vacant, which, as you can imagine, felt cold and uninviting. It was an energetic disaster!

We purchased a beautiful stained glass piece that we hung in the showcase window. It was the only beautiful piece in the house, well, it was the only thing in the house at all! The WOW effect brought the prospective buyer’s attention immediately to that area; the house sold within the week. The buyer even asked about purchasing the art! My client was incredibly happy about this easy adjustment that brought an end to his house selling ordeal.