Feng Shui

January 4th, 2017

organizer q&a
with jane antonovich

It’s an adventure and experience that will give you  a smile of satisfaction and a shiver of delight EVERY SINGLE TIME you open your front door. And, it will refresh your life in ways you probably can’t even imagine right now.

q1. “Feng Shui” How the heck do I pronounce this so that I sound like I’m in the know

No one would bat an eye if you pronounce it, “Fung Shway”

I’m absolutely sure we’re are taking liberties with the Chinese language but the most important thing is that we understand each other!

Feng Shui means Wind & Water in Chinese. It is believed that wind and water were the original elements of creation: wind is breath, movement – which is given direction or intention by spirit; water is a prerequisite for life to develop.

Both elements can be soft, gentle and life-giving. They can also both be forceful and dangerous in the extreme. Feng Shui asks us to balance–everything.

q2. And, more importantly, what’s the “30 second elevator speech” for Feng Shui? What makes it a legitimate approach to design, in practical terms?

In ancient times (more than 5000 years ago), the art and science of Feng Shui was developed to increase the flow of health, abundance and relationship energy in a person’s life by increasing the chi (life force) of their homes. There is no difference today. Feng Shui has stood the test of time! All of my clients are requesting the e xact same enhancements in their lives–better health, abundance and improved relationships. This is accomplished through the arrangement and specific choice of furniture, art, mirrors, paint, fabrics, flooring–everything in the interior (and exterior) of someone’s home. Everything Matters! Each home it’s own beautiful masterpiece intended specifically to raise the energy of the client’s home and thus their life! Each client’s requests are unique and their homes reflect this.

q3. Can Feng Shui actually help me sell my home?

Yes! I have had more than one client sell their home after our work together.

Using Feng Shui to sell a home is very different than using it to enhance the lives of the people inhabiting the home. In this case, you a re appealing to a future owner and raising the energy of a home to cause a new owner to see themselves living there. In any case, it’s always about raising the vibration, but with a different end result.

Feng Shui also includes clearing clutter. Deleting the STUFF that keeps us feeling stuck is foundational to the other, more expressive side of Feng Shui. If you balance the elements and create a gorgeous design but the basement is full of moldy boxes or the closets and cupboards are jammed with things you never use, then the expressive work will never be as effective as it could be.

For more about Jane, visit her site: Love your Home, Love your Life.