Happy Hour Anyone?

February 3rd, 2012

It's finally Friday, and we think that deserves a toast. But where should we go to cheer the good moments and forget the not so desirable events that have occurred this past week? There are certainly hundreds of good options in Madison and Middleton, many within walking distance of our office or respective homes.

Here are a few of our options for this evening. We'd love to know where you'll be heading tonight to quaff a draught or craft cocktail or two. Maybe we'll see you there!


1. Sardine: Within walking distance of our office, and with 1/2 price house wine and Stella Artois, paired with 1/2 price oysters, this is Trey's pick for the place to go. Friendly bartenders, too.

2. Merchant: Also just a couple short blocks from our office, Merchant's craft cocktails and their dark, urban, sultry (at least until the DJ starts at 10:30) setting does a good job of wiping cares away.

3. Tempest: Literally a stone's throw from the office, Tempest has a friendly bar with a sophisticated nautical theme. Also serving oysters, and more importantly the Awniker martini – a dangerous, but oh so delightful concoction made with  jalapeno tequila, Old Sugar Factory honey liqueur and passion fruit. Yum!

4. Nat Spil: No website and no phone would make it appear to be a hipster's hideaway, but you'll find all sorts at this downtown favorite after work. A small bar, lovely hand crafted wood tables and a nice selection of good wine and local beers, not to mention fantastic food, make this place a Sprinkman Real Estate favorite. Perfect when you need a warm and cozy respite.

5. Coopers Tavern: An English/Scottish/Irish hybrid (let's just call it UK-inspired), Coopers is a lively pub on the Capitol Square with a great world beer selection, including endless local options, and a fine place to watch a game of football (that's soccer to you American hooligans.) If you're in need of comfort, head to the snug (a small secluded room with access to the bar via a wee door above the table) and order the fries. You won't be disappointed.

6. Jac's:  With half price beer/wine/alcohol and apps during happy hour, Jac's is a fantastic option if you're looking for a friendly neighborhood pub with a good Belgian beer selection and delicious food. Located on Monroe Street, it's an easy drive – or walk – from anywhere near west.

7. Weary Traveler: No happy hour specials here, but the laid back, neighborhood feel of the Weary (on Williamson Street) combined with the low prices make it a great place to hang out with friends and linger for awhile over a game of Scrabble. And they have the cheapest Guinness on tap in Madison according to our sources. 

8. Craft: Not to leave Middleton off the list – Craft is the newest addition to Middleton Hills. A very welcome one, too. As their name suggests, they offer 18 craft beers on tap and another 50 in bottle. Various classic cocktails make an appearance, too. Julie is happy to report that she can walk here from her house.