Hey, Madison: Summer Isn’t Over!

September 5th, 2014

To all you people saying that summer is over simply because school started again – STOP IT!! It’s not over! Technically we have until September 22nd. That’s seventeen days, including three weekends. That gives us plenty of time between working, kids’ sporting events, chauffeuring, and so on to eke out some more summer fun. And Madison offers up multitudes of things to help you do just that in September. So if you’re not ready to relinquish summer just yet – don’t. Now quit looking at your screen and get out there and live up these gorgeous summer days to the fullest! 

Here are just a few ideas:

1) Don't have a boat to enjoy? Rent one! Both SkipperBud’s and the UW Union rent on Lake Mendota – the former rents motor boats and pontoons, while the UW rents paddle boats. Brittingham Boats offers paddle boats on Lake Monona.


2) Eat and drink well while listening to good music outside: Most farmer’s markets go into October or beyond and it’s perfect grilling season! There are also several festivals that take place in September:


3) Play tourist in your own town and take one of these cool tours:

4) Get fit: 

Many more opportunities to get fit for a cause can be found here.


5) Soak up some culture:

And, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the remnants of summer is to go to the Memorial Union Terrace at least one more time. Gather your friends, drink a local beer or eat some Babcock’s ice cream and enjoy the sunset. Then hold on to that memory for dear life until next summer.