Holiday Traditions at Home

December 14th, 2011

Shelly came in to the Sprinkman Real Estate office early this week with a great story about a holiday tradition at the Sprinkman house: the Elf on the Shelf.  The idea behind the elf, purchased along with a book (I've seen it at Target, Barnes & Noble), is that he or she serves as Santa's spy, ensuring that girls and boys around the world are put on the correct list – Naughty or Nice.  It all begins with Santa sending his specially trained scout elves to Elf Adoption Centers where they await families. Once adopted, the elf's new family gives their elf a name and registers online to activate the elf's magical powers. The elf uses the magic to fly to the North Pole each night to report to Santa what good or naughty deeds he or she witnessed during the day. Each morning the elf is discovered in a new location in the house, often found in funny situations like fishing in the toilet, making snow angels in the kitchen,  or going for a joy ride in Barbie's Corvette. In the Sprinkman house that morning, they all got a kick out of the naughty elf who had drawn silly hats and moustaches on all the framed family photos. I hear the next prank the elf is thinking about involves noses and red paint! 


Julie's family has their own tradition involving the Christmas Eve meal (Oh how the rest of us on the team wish we were related to Julie!) Each year they select a different country and learn all about its holiday traditions. The menu is based on traditional food from the country – this year it's Old England, last year it was Croatia – with each family member contributing ideas. The conversation focuses on that country, too. Julie said it's always interesting to learn how other countries celebrate and the whole family loves trying different food each year.

How does your family celebrate in your home?