Madison Foodies Rejoice!

February 16th, 2012


We are well aware of our tendencies to wax poetic about our beloved city. And we're not going to stop doing so any time soon. It would, quite frankly, be impossible as there are so many fabulous things about living in and around Madison. Today, we found another reason to be joyful about our home: EdibleMadison.com.

Edible Madison is a free quarterly publication that can be found around town in grocery stores, some restaurants and other foodie havens like Fromagination and The Kitchen Gallery. The fact that it's free is amazing as the quality of the magazine is stunning. The paper is thick and matte, the photographs (by Jim Klousia) are sumptuous, the articles erudite and the seasonal recipes mouthwatering. It's no wonder the magazine, part of the Edible Communities publications across North America, received the first-ever James Beard Publication of the Year Award.
And now we get to experience the love online. Hats off to Modern Species and Two Six Code, the same team we worked with on our website, and the people at Edible Madison for creating a beautiful and elegant website. Their searchable recipe database is brilliant.  Search options include season, what meal or part of the meal you're interested in and “other” which includes gluten-free, vegan, etc. A search for a winter vegetarian dinner yielded fifteen recipes, including tortellini with blue cheese cream sauce and sweet potato and black bean chili. The site also offers a map of area farmers markets and local events, tips on what's in season when and how to store and prepare various food. Simply put, it's a delicious local resource.