Madison Rocks: Live On King Street

July 28th, 2014

We already know Madison is a pretty cool place to live. We have lakes everywhere you look, endless vats of locally crafted beer, James Beard Award-worthy restaurants in multitudes, interesting and well-curated boutiques of all kinds, a lovely Capitol building and brilliant musicians. Obviously that list could go on and on. And on. But for the purpose of this blog, lets leave it at that. And what is the purpose of this blog, you ask? Why to extol the virtues of yet another Madison love of ours: Live on King Street.

For the past four years, the lovely people at Majestic have been entertaining the music-lovers of our fair city with free concerts on King Street. They originally started it as a toast to the dog days of summer. Lucky for us it now spans five weeks in July and August. Did we mention it's FREE? For that you can thank the sponsors, mostly made up of merchants on and around King Street. 

The event is open to all ages, but if you want to imbibe you'll be sporting a paper bracelet declaring your legality. Besides beer, there are also food carts to the left of the stage from the audience's point of view. And plenty of surrounding restaurants to meet most any culinary desire.

Live music + falafel + beer = happy us. Thank you Majestic and “Live on King Street” for making our summer that much sunnier!