Mo Afshar

(608) 977.0521

Mo is a seasoned business professional with years of experience in the corporate environment where he mastered the art of client service and customer care. A transplant from the Chicago suburbs just a few short years ago, Mo has also lived in other university towns such as Austin, TX, and Cambridge, UK.

For Mo, client service is top of mind, “Happy clients will be repeat clients, they trust you based on how you deliver on promises time and time again”. Mo is passionate about building relationships, he listens attentively to anticipate his clients’ needs.



“When we met Mo representing Sprinkman, it was an instant connection. We left the showing not only talking about the home, but Mo and how much we really liked him. He was communicative, attentive, understanding, thorough, and professional. He stayed late for appointments to accommodate our schedules. He was such an asset to have during the purchase of our home and can’t recommend him and Sprinkman enough.”
—Laura Determan

“Choosing Mo as our agent was easy with his friendly personality! He was professional, flexible with his time and easy to contact. From the first day, he was dedicated to making sure we found our very first house!”
— Jenn W.

“Since I am in the building industry I have crossed paths with Mo Afshar several times. I have never met a more courteous, kind, professional, punctual and dependable human being. What Mo says he will do, he does. That’s a rare trait anymore. Though I have not purchased from Mo I have been involved with several business transactions that he has been a part of. I have been completely impressed with him not only as a realtor but as an individual. I am more than confident that anyone Mo works with will receive his utmost attention and thoughtful consideration no matter the time of day. We have plans to sell and purchase a new home in the next couple years and hands down Mo will be our first choice. If the rest of Sprinkman Real Estate is anything like Mo they must be the most classy agency in town. They have truly found a winner in him, that is for sure.”
— Matt W.

“Mo Afshar was our Real Estate Agent in 17/18 helping us identify and purchase a home in Waunakee, Wis. Our situation was difficult because our previous home was located in southern Indiana and we were unfamiliar with the Madison area. So Mo’s challenge included working with us to develop a better understanding of the Madison market, identifying a subset of properties that fit our needs so we could be productive during our brief visits to the area, and then helping us implement our bidding strategy in a very tight market with us back in Indiana. In short, Mo had to be our eyes and ears, move the process along, and help us make the best decisions possible.

At the end of the process we found and purchased the house we wanted in the location we wanted. More importantly, during the entire process Mo was a professional and gentleman to my wife and I showing patience with us as we wrestled with the tougher decisions. He was always available when we needed him and always went the extra mile to do whatever was necessary to make sure the process moved ahead expeditiously and with our needs in mind. He was selfless in this. Mo was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone in the markets he serves.”
— Nancy + Pat

  • M.S. in Management Sciences
  • B.A. in Organizational Behavior
  • Over 20 years of experience working at global professional services, consulting and industry leading firms
  • Enjoys travel and road trips with his wife. International spots visited/lived include London, Cambridge, Singapore, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.
  • Experimenting with DIY projects around our house built in 1965, and then calling the professionals to correct his mistakes.