Mo Afshar

(608) 977.0521

Mo is a seasoned business professional with years of experience in the corporate environment where he mastered the art of client service and customer care. A transplant from the Chicago suburbs just a few short years ago, Mo has also lived in other university towns such as Austin, TX, and Cambridge, UK.
For Mo, client service is top of mind, “Happy clients will be repeat clients, they trust you based on how you deliver on promises time and time again”. Mo is passionate about building relationships, he listens attentively to anticipate his clients’ needs.


  • M.S. in Management Sciences
  • B.A. in Organizational Behavior
  • Over 20 years of experience working at global professional services, consulting and industry leading firms
  • Enjoys travel and road trips with his wife. International spots visited/lived include London, Cambridge, Singapore, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.
  • Experimenting with DIY projects around our house built in 1965, and then calling the professionals to correct his mistakes.