Move that Muddle

August 5th, 2016

What do backpacks, books, and ball point pens all have in common? You got it, back to school… but even more than that, A LOT of clutter. With September right around the corner we chatted with Tim Wollen, owner of Tailored Living in Madison, about “clutter.”  He’s an expert on organization and reconfiguration in the home. We asked him for his tips, tricks, and coveted knowledge on bringing order and organization to places that might never have had any.

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Some of the toughest places to find any sort of feng shui in the home can be the mudroom. This is the place that usually sees the most action in the home and definitely can serve many “masters.” Tim says that when he walks into rooms like the mudroom he sees a lot of half finished solutions. To find the real solution to the problem Tim stresses that it is key to look at the bigger picture. Consider taking that pile of shoes and making a space for them in the garage. This can open up more space in the interior of the home and eliminate that muddled mess you see when you walk in.

But when it comes to finding organization in the home most of us aren’t experts, don’t have the time, or just don’t want to do it. Tim’s advice? Talk to a professional. Tim’s business offers services that allow you to look at a room and see the reconfiguration in 3D before you blast holes in your walls. Most jobs are finished in a day or two and cover design through installation. \

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Tim also gives his opinion on whether your clutter issue is due to space limitations or the organization system. In his mind they go “hand in hand” and stresses that all space can be made to work for you and your family. Just because there is a small closet in your home doesn’t mean it has to be this way. Changes and improvements are always possible; you just have to visualize the potential. But if seeing beyond the walls or drawing diagrams in your mind seems a bit out of your capabilities and comfort, you can always call Tim at Tailored Living.