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You’re not just buying a home,
you’re investing in a neighborhood and a new way of life.


The Isthmus

Created by Lakes Mendota and Monona, downtown Madison is home to the state Capitol and the University of Wisconsin.


Lake Living

Endless entertainment, breathtaking views and a sense of seclusion in the middle of a city.

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Maple Bluff

Winding boulevards with long, landscaped medians. Grand homes amidst towering trees. Unexpected glimpses of the Capitol. Sunlight glinting off of Lake Mendota. Welcome to Maple Bluff.

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The good neighbor city—mere 8 miles from Madison’s Capitol Square.

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Shorewood Hills

With unique topography and a central location to downtown Madison, Shorewood Hills is a unique place to live. The meandering roads, tree-lined streets and views of Lake Mendota make this village peaceful and private.

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Vilas, Monroe and Nakoma

With some of the most walkable and oldest neighborhoods in Madison, the near west side is a coveted part of town for prospective home buyers thanks to plenty of shoreline courtesy of Lakes Mendota and Wingra.

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In the past 25 years, Waunakee has transformed from a quiet, farm town to a developing community filled with young families. While the area has experienced a face lift, the hometown feel and neighborly environment remains.

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