Far West Madison

The Far West side of Madison, west of Gammon Rd and adjacent to Middleton, is full of classic suburban neighborhoods with many different types of homes for sale. Strip malls with a mixture of both local and chain stores line Mineral Point -the busy, main street- with residential areas off to either side. The further west you get, the more farmland you’ll see. A car is required, but like most of Madison, nothing is more than twenty minutes away.

The Neighborhood

The majority of far west neighborhoods are a mix of (often custom) single family homes, upscale townhomes, and apartments. The neighborhoods all have parks of various sizes to walk to, and a few have community pools you can join. Running errands is easy on this side of town as the location is convenient to the shopping district around West Towne Mall, Greenway Station, PD and Junction Road. You can drop off your dry cleaning, get your bike fixed, pick up flowers at the garden center, nails from the hardware store and bread from the grocery store all on your way to lunch or a movie. The far west side of Madison offers home buyers many choices in style and neighborhoods.

And if you have a yen for something a bit more bohemian, it’s a short drive to Monroe Street and both downtown Madison and Middleton.

The Lifestyle

Quiet residential areas that cater to a peaceful lifestyle. You’ll find soccer fields, baseball fields, basketball courts, and yards filled with trampolines, pools and Rainbow Play Systems. Year-round entertainment options include movie theaters, bowling alleys and malls. For a home buyer, outdoor fun can be had hiking or biking on the Ice Age Trail and wandering the trails at Pope Farm Conservancy or heading to the Blackhawk Ski Club for winter fun.


There are newer homes for sale and new construction. More upscale neighborhoods with big homes and landscaped yards include Blackhawk, Hawks Landing and High Point Estates. Newer neighborhoods may have smaller lots and fewer trees, but the homes will likely still be custom built. There are several golf course communities here, too.

The Schools

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  • Public School


The beautiful, spacious yards and the convenience when running errands.

Where to Go

In Far West Madison

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