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Middleton, just northwest of Madison, calls itself the Good Neighbor city. From a Madisonian’s perspective, they’d be right. While Middleton and Madison play nicely together – after all, Middleton is a mere 8 miles from the Capitol Square -Middleton is a fine city in it’s own right. Just ask the folks at Money Magazine who have previously deemed it the “best place to live” in the US. It only stands to reason then that Middleton is one of the best places to buy a home in the U.S.

The Neighborhood

Like any city, Middleton has multitudes of neighborhoods with their own flavor, offering something for everyone within its friendly confines. Neighborhoods consist of tree-lined streets of bungalows and Victorians, large lots with grand homes sporting spacious foyers, walkable neighborhoods with their own shopping districts, countryside estates with horse stables and small enclaves of luxurious lake homes.

Downtown Middleton is populated with boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and local businesses that sit alongside the police department and library. The newer architecture is heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright’s notable Prairie/Arts & Crafts style while the older buildings and homes, including many “painted ladies,” provide a dose of Victorian color and interest that bathes the area in charm.


Other than the tree-lined streets of downtown, two that stand out are Middleton Hills and Bishops Bay. The former is a sought after New Urbanist neighborhood established in the 1990’s that invites community spirit by insisting that front porches face the street while relegating garages to the alleys. Bishops Bay, the only gated community in the area, takes a different tactic than Middleton Hills preferring large, landscaped yards and stately homes positioned along the golf course that’s part of Bishops Bay Country Club.

No matter where you buy a home in Middleton, you’ll undoubtedly be warmly welcomed.

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The Lifestyle

Outdoor lovers are occupied with boating on Lake Mendota, hiking or biking through the Pheasant Branch Conservancy or Pope Farm, and splashing around in the Middleton city pool – complete with water slides. Capital Brewery offers family-friendly entertainment in its beer garden, which is right around the corner from the world-renowned Mustard Museum. The quaint downtown area, not far from any home or condo in Middleton, holds numerous restaurants, like Roman Candle Pizzeria, Vin Santo, and Louisianne’s, and boutiques with everything from the latest yoga fashions to finely crafted vases. If that’s not enough, shoppers can head to Greenway Station where they can spend the day supporting both local and big brands.

The market snapshot

Houses for sale in Middleton, within walking distance of the downtown and schools, go fast. And when homes hit the market in Middleton Hills – which isn’t as often as hopeful buyers would like – they’re not around for long. Homes for sale in Bishops Bay, and some of the neighborhoods further out toward the country, have a longer sales process, often because of higher price points. In fact, Middleton homes in general are priced a bit higher than Madison homes.


The Schools

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The welcoming downtown area, playing on the lake, exploring the green spaces and shopping.

Where to Go

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