Near West Madison

With some of the most walkable, and oldest, neighborhoods in Madison, the near west side is a coveted part of town for prospective home buyers thanks to plenty of shoreline courtesy of Lakes Mendota and Wingra. Benefitting from its border with downtown, residents have a choice of seemingly endless, highly-rated restaurants, local boutiques and well-appointed parks to walk or bike to when they want to while away the time. And they definitely take advantage of their place in the world. The streets and bike paths are busy year-round and there’s always a wait during prime time at popular restaurants – even on a Tuesday night.

The Neighborhood

The near west side of Madison stretches from the University of Wisconsin campus to Hilldale Shopping Center on University Avenue. It’s a vibrant mix of residential streets, boutique stores, culinary hot spots, live music venues and, of course, lots of popular outdoor spaces for activities like biking, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding, golfing and running. Despite all this activity, the residential streets are quiet and graceful with the grand historic houses and cozy bungalows. Home to many professors, students and young families, the near west side of Madison has an intellectual, artsy vibe that finds people out and about year round. The diversity of architecture and homes for sale make the near west side a popular destination for people looking for homes for sale.

The Lifestyle

Many people who live on Madison’s near west side do so because they can walk or bike to work, the farmer’s markets, amazing restaurants, and several grocery stores and shops. Home to the Arboretum, Lakes Wingra and Mendota, the Monroe Street shops and restaurants, Hilldale Mall, Sundance Theater, the Henry Vilas Zoo, bike paths, and numerous parks, there is no shortage of things to do on the near west side of Madison, which is why it’s a favorite of many Madisonians with young families and older people looking for an engaged community. If salons were ever to come back in vogue, this is where they’d be held -intellect is not in short supply.

The market snapshot

Many of the neighborhoods closer to downtown have an urban feel to them with homes closer together, and smaller lots closer to the streets. Homes closer to Hilldale include post-WWII planned communities full of sprawling ranches, like Hill Farms. Neighborhoods close to schools consistently show a strong market with appraised values continuously inching upward. Westmorland and Sunset Village are the more affordable areas with typically smaller homes. Nakoma, Vilas and the University Heights/Regent area homes are higher priced in comparison. People here tend to be fiercely loyal to their distinct neighborhood and often move from home to home within its boundaries. Home buyers have a strong interest in Madison’s near west real estate market.

The Schools

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Being able to walk or bike to some of the best restaurants in town, playing on the lakes, and the beautiful homes.

Where to Go

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