Resolution: Organize Your Home!

January 2nd, 2012

Decluttering and home organization have been hot topics at Sprinkman Real Estate for quite some time now. It all began when Shelly and Trey had the garage sale to end all garage sales this past summer. It inspired all of us to take a look at the bottlenecks within our homes -the places clutter seems to gather no matter what we do. It's an ongoing battle, no doubt, but today Shelly forwarded an e-mail that struck a hard blow to the mess at my back door. 

I opened the e-mail and the link to a decluttering calendar posted on a website called My Simpler Life. I wasn't overly impressed by the home page, but I signed up for the decluttering calendar to see what it was all about. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much. The declutter task for today is to “Set up a donation station.” Hmmm, I thought, a good idea. I've always got bags filled with things intended for Goodwill stashed in various rooms around the house, or shoved in the front hall closet. Then I clicked on the link and read the article posted on The Red Chair Blog. And WHAM! Therein lay the antidote to my back door woes. The Donation Station is so much more than it's name implies. And it's so simple. What is it? A wire shelving unit with four boxes labeled, 1) Donate, 2) Deliver, 3) Gifts, 4) Library.  The Donate box holds Goodwill destined items. The Deliver box is meant for store returns, post office bound materials and borrowed things to return. The Gift box is obvious, as is the Library box. And it's easily assembled with items from Target or Office Depot. 

Guess what I'm doing tonight?!