Sprinkman Real Estate is the #1 Real Estate Team in 2012!

January 11th, 2013

Exciting news! The Sprinkman Real Estate team is #1! Thanks to our clients we earned the top position in the South Central Wisconsin MLS in 2012. That means we had the highest sales out of all 2101 agents in South Central Wisconsin. We're also #1 in sales in Maple Bluff again and still on top as far as selling more lake homes in Madison than any other agent or team in 2012. Numbers aside, what this really means is that we nailed our team's mission: to serve our clients well.

Part of what makes us so successful for our clients is our commitment to marketing. It's so important to us that our team of five people includes a full-time Director of Marketing. Every year we spend a considerable amount of time and energy coming up with a strategic plan and budget that incorporates both online and offline media as well as event marketing and professional design and photography. We work hard at staying on top of social media trends, and more importantly gaging their effectiveness in order to ensure our clients are getting the best exposure for their homes.

Another part of what makes us top-performers is knowing the Madison market. Beyond having a firm grasp of the various neighborhoods and what different homes are worth, we also stay on top of market trends so we can adjust our strategy accordingly. The latest trends, according to Ron Restaino of Restaino & Associates, highlight the fact that Madison has a noticeably low inventory of houses for sale:

  • Prices are up 5% nationally
  • 11% fewer homes on the market nationwide than this same time last year
  • 19% fewer homes in the South Central MLS currently than in 2012 (8% less in Dane County)
  • Average sale price of a Madison home in 2012 was $261,000 – $282,000

The market is looking up overall and Spring always means an uptick in sales in Madison. If listing is on your mind, this is certainly a good time to do so. Just make sure you work with a team who understands what the market trends mean for YOUR home. (Hmmm. Come to think of it, we have an agent recommendation for you!)