Creative Stylists

First impressions are everything.
That’s why our professional stager and photographer
work their magic at no charge.


A picture of your home is worth a thousand words. Actually, it’s worth much more than that! That’s why our dedicated professional photographer is a master with 3-D photography, drones, and cutting-edge technology.  

Photography + Video

Professional Staging.

See your home through the eyes of potential buyers, with the help of Cynthia Paggie, from Paggie Design Studio. For years, Cynthia has partnered exclusively with Sprinkman Real Estate to showcase our clients’ homes in all their glory.

At Sprinkman, we’ve witnessed the power of Cynthia’s transformations. That’s why we will pay for her to tour your home with you. Then, this seasoned professional will offer suggestions for how you can sell your home for more. From rearranging your existing furniture, to painting walls or your front door, to interior and exterior remodeling, Cynthia works within your timeline and budget to make your home shine for buyers.

Cynthia also offers a diverse, well-curated inventory of furniture and decor which she can pull from to add just the right softness, color, freshness, and pop to attract home buyers. It’s no wonder so many Sprinkman clients use Cynthia for a complimentary staging session and then hire her afterwards to help design their new homes.