Trey Sprinkman

Realtor + Principal
(608) 354.4000

The unofficial social director of the office, Trey has endless ideas about how to keep things new, innovative and exciting. He likes to have fun and stay active, spending his days helping clients search for their next home. He is well-versed in what it’s like to move from one home or neighborhood to another and expertly guides his clients through the process, the whole time listening to their needs and responding promptly and kindly.

I became a realtor – a Buyers Agent specifically – to help people find their dream home. It’s exciting and gratifying to be an advocate and champion for my clients throughout the process of looking, negotiating an offer and closing.


“Our family had a very short window of time to move from Green Bay to the Madison area. Trey was recommended by our realtor in Green Bay and we really hit the jackpot. Trey went above and beyond the call of duty and found us a wonderful home (within our budget!) in record time. He and his team did a great job in getting us into the house in a very short period of time. It was a pleasure to work with Trey and his team – thanks to them, the move was much easier than we anticipated. If you are looking for a realtor in the Madison area, look no further than Trey Sprinkman.”

— Janet Speth

“Trey was extremely patient with our multitude of first-time homebuyer questions, and helped talk us through the process from searching for homes to closing. We are both quite busy, and it was great that he was available at times when we were both able to be together to talk on the phone with him.”

— Nate Campbell

“Trey Sprinkman acted as our buyers agent when my wife and I tried to buy a house in Maple Bluff while living in Georgia. Given my prior experience with realtors, I was looking forward to the long distance house purchase about as much as chewing aluminum foil for a month. But a funny thing happened, there just wasn’t much pain. That’s because Trey blew us away. He was on top of every step of the process, communicated clearly and constantly, and completely looked out for our best interests. Without his total competence and professionalism I doubt the deal would have gotten done-but it did. I won’t go so far as to say buying the house was fun, but we are now settling in, loving the Bluff, and thankful every dang day that Trey helped us get here.

— Mark LaPlante


About Trey

  • Wisconsin native, Maple Bluff resident since 2000
  • UW-Madison, BS in Consumer Science
  • Rear Commodore Mendota Yacht Club
  • Co-Chair Friend of the Clean Lakes Alliance
  • U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran
  • Member of Downtown Rotary
  • When not navigating people to the home of their dreams, he is: Enjoying playing outdoors with his three kids and their dog Uma; Sailing his E-Scow on Lake Mendota; Flying! Trey has his pilot’s license and at one time considered being a helicopter pilot; Traveling, especially with the family – he spent four years in Frankfurt, Germany and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America.
  • What he loves about his home: “I love that no space is unused in our home. It flows. It’s the perfect size for Shelly and I and our three kids.”

Local Favorites

  • Sailing on the lakes
  • Bike riding in the country
  • Machinery Row Bikes
  • The Memorial Union Terrace
  • Dream Shopping: A day spent at Zimbrick European Imports!
  • Restaurants: The Esquire, The Old Fashioned, Jolly Bob’s, Lazy Jane’s for breakfast, The Avenue Bar, Pasqual’s, Muramoto, Marigold Kitchen, Nostrano
  • Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Chazen Museum of Art
  • Hotel Red