Staging Tips from Cynthia Paggie, Professional Stager

January 17th, 2013


Staging Tips

We understand it may seem a daunting task to get your house ready to sell. We're here to help! Everyone who lists with us is treated to a complementary consultation with Cynthia Paggie, our full time stager and interior designer.

But if you're ready to leap into action right this very moment, here are some tips from Cynthia:

Declutter! This is the number one thing you can do to make your home more appealing. Remove most of the items from countertops and tables, take down framed family photos, clear the kitchen counter of appliances, put bathroom toiletries out of sight, etc. And if you really want to show off the architecture and space, remove a lot of the furniture, and throw rugs to make a space feel larger and lighter. For more tips, read our previous blog on what not to do when decluttering.

Clean! Especially windows and carpets. But also cabinets, bathroom grout and tile, appliances, and definitely remove cobwebs from the front porch and unused corners. A new coat of paint does wonders to freshen up a home. Click for a list of recommended cleaners.

Fix it! If you don't have the know how or time to patch nail holes in walls, refinish wood floors, replace the broken window pane, etc, hire a local fix it company to get the job done. Click for a list of contractors.

Rearrange! Pull furniture away from walls and in to groupings. Contrary to popular opinion, pushing furniture against walls doesn't make a space feel larger. Also look at where and how art is hung. It should be at eye level, not high on the wall. You can use art to call attention to particular areas of your home you want buyers to notice. Or to draw their eye away from something you'd rather not flaunt.

Curb appeal! Don't forget about the outside. The front door/porch is very important as that's where the first opinion is made. Add a plant or nice welcome mat. Make sure the hardware is in good shape. Paint the door to brighten things up. Replace any broken or outdated lights. And walk around the perimeter of your house with an eye out for wood scraps, garbage cans, large plastic yard toys – anything that  takes the focus away from the house and yard. Store it if you can, or put it in the garage.

The most helpful thing you can do is walk around your house and look at every room as if for the first time. Or have someone with a critical eye do it with you. And remember, you are not selling your things, you are selling the space they occupy. For inspiration, check out Cynthia's before & after photos.