Trey Sprinkman

Trey joined the Sprinkman team in 2010 and spends his days helping clients search for their next home. He is well-versed in what it's like to move from one home, or neighborhood to another and expertly guides his clients through the process, the whole time listening to their needs and responding promptly and kindly. Beware, his enthusiasm is quite contagious!

An entrepeneur with a passion for real estate! I started my career working for Ohmeda Medical/GE Healthcare in medical sales. I transitioned out of corporate America into real estate to pursue my dreams of owning my own business. I've since invested in and started multiple businesses, each having real estate components. Today my focus is on residential real estate.

I grew up in Wisconsin but left to spend eight years in the Army (I'm a Desert Storm veteran.) I've lived in other cities but chose to come back to my native state to get a degree in Consumer Science at the UW. Living in Maple Bluff since 2000, Shelly and I have come to truly appreciate the sense of community our neighborhood offers us and our family. We are active in the Bluff, and I'm also involved with several local non-profits and area organizations that I feel connected to. They include the March of Dimes, Downtown Rotary, Downtown Madison, Inc., Mendota Yacht Club, and the Clean Lakes Alliance.

I'm a father to three wonderful children and enjoy many outdoor activities and hobbies with them. It's more about our kids these days, but I still find time to pursue my passions - namely sailing on our beautiful lakes and flying over our wonderful city. Lastly, I truly love to travel. I spent four years in Frankfurt, Germany and have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

I have been fortunate in life, and enjoy meeting others and learning about their life experiences and what drives them. I would appreciate the opportunity to work with and help guide you as you transition from one home and lifestyle to the next.



"Our family had a very short window of time to move from Green Bay to the Madison area. Trey was recommended by our realtor in Green Bay and we really hit the jackpot. Trey went above and beyond the call of duty and found us a wonderful home (within our budget!) in record time. He and his team did a great job in getting us into the house in a very short period of time. It was a pleasure to work with Trey and his team - thanks to them, the move was much easier than we anticipated. If you are looking for a realtor in the Madison area, look no further than Trey Sprinkman."

 - Janet Speth




  • Wisconsin native
  • UW-Madison graduate
  • Rear Commodore Mendota Yacht Club
  • Co-Chair Friend of the Clean Lakes Alliance
  • U.S. Army Desert Storm veteran
  • Member of Downtown Rotary

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