The New Sprinkman Real Estate

January 17th, 2014


We moved into our new office space this week. Which isn't really the biggest news, it's more that it's the physical manifestation of the big news. . . which is this: Sprinkman Real Estate is now our own brokerage. Ta da!!! 


What? What do you mean you don't get it? You thought we were always our own brokerage? Nope. We've been under Restaino & Associates for over seventeen years, or Shelly has, anyway. (The team has been together for five years.) We understand the confusion, though. We've been branding ourselves as Sprinkman Real Estate for quite a few years now and have operated somewhat autonomously as we occupied the downtown office with only a couple other R&A agents. So while it seemed we were our own company, we were actually independent contractors operating as a team under an overseeing brokerage. 

Other than a change of address, what does being our own broker mean? it means we can adopt new ways of operating the business that give us the ability to respond to our client's needs as we see fit. We've always done things with a twist, for example hiring an interior designer to provide staging consultation to our listing clients, working with a creative photographer who focuses on architecture and having a marketing person on our team to create strategic plans for each listing, All at no added expense to our clients. And now we can take things even further. We are going to extend our design consultation to our buyer's so that once they move into their new home they can reach out for help with paint colors or any other interior design question they have. And we're creating a paperless organization using iPads with apps tailored to the way we do business that will help us be even more responsive to our clients, not to mention the eco-friendly factor. But we're not stopping there. We have a long list of other ideas gleaned from listening to our clients and from our own industry insights that we're talking about and researching as a team. (Stay tuned!) 

“Rethinking Real Estate” is our new tagline. For us it's more than a marketing slogan. It's our daily mandate. Because we truly want to be the best real estate team we possibly can be for our clients. We think they deserve it.