The Sprinkman Real Estate Manifesto

August 15th, 2012

Do you ever get asked why you work where you do? What brings you back each day ready to tackle whatever comes your way? I do. All the time actually. For me it's a seemingly easy answer. I love what I do. But if examined more closely, you'll find I love what I do for multiple complicated reasons. One of the big reasons I work at Sprinkman Real Estate is the people. And not just because they're good, fun, smart people, but because we approach work the same way. We all believe there are certain things that need to be in place to make a difference in our community, to truly service our clients and to be healthy, happy people. So we decided to share those beliefs in a manifesto. And because we believe in it so wholeheartedly we made a video. Enjoy!




And here's a link to the Manifesto video on our YouTube Channel!

Keep in mind – we are decidely NOT professional actors. Thankfully, we are real estate and marketing pros!