Valerie Shea

(608) 577.1409

Valerie is passionate about real estate, how she helps her clients and caters her approach to each individual person. She brings maturity, confidence, and strong organizational skills to work. She is enthusiastic about returning to work after a long hiatus in which she supported her husband in his family owned roadbuilding business while staying home to help raise their three children.


“Valerie is one of the most optimistic people I know. She has a great way of making you feel at home the moment you meet her. She makes you feel as if your ideas have high value, and I appreciate her taking the time to understand what my thoughts are. She has an eye for detail and creativity. With her flair for color and style, I’ve always loved to see what she’s created…from home decor to fashion to her fabulous new food dishes.”

—Rebecca Davey

“I have known Val for many years as a friend. Val succeeds at everything she tackles because of her persistence and hard work. She has a flair for style and is very creative. I like her start to finish attitude and statement of let’s get this job done. Strong and Passionate.”

—Heather Luddy

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Val Shea for eight years, and she’s demonstrated great attention to detail and problem-solving since I’ve met her. She has helped me with party planning and decorating and always has creative solutions to any problems we come up against. She is very self-motivated and is a smart decision maker. She has a large network of friends in our community. You can hardly walk ten minutes around town with Val before she is introducing you to someone new. She has a heart of gold, and I’m so happy to call her my friend!”

—Shann Lewis


  • Lives in the town of Middleton with her husband Steve since 1990 in Pheasant Point. Previously lived in Cherrywood.
  • Graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Psychology and English Literature minor, then did some graduate work in Economics at Edgewood College Business School before beginning a job in banking.
  • Firstar Bank Madison, mortgage lending assistant where she learned all about new construction, amortizations and closings from the banking side of home buying.
  • In addition to volunteer work, she has chaired committees for various groups in her children’s schools and church, and for the Junior League of Madison, Girl Scouts of America, and the local chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation.