We Understand What It Means to Sell Or Buy a Home

February 8th, 2013


When we say we understand what you're going through when you're immersed in the buying or selling of your home with us, we truly mean it. We get that it's an emotional, stressful, occasionally time-consuming process. Exciting, too.
If you're a seller, when we send a stager to your home and she leaves you lists of things to do in order to make your home stand out in the marketplace, we get that it may mean hours of your time and attention to cross things off that list. We get that some of the suggested changes may seem over the top and you think, “Do people really care about this stuff?” (They honestly do. We swear.) We know that opening your home to our photographer means time spent cleaning and clearing. And that you have concerns about certain areas you don't think will show the house well (Is there ever truly a way to make a 9-year old's bedroom clutter-free?!). We know that putting a price on your home is a cause of angst. You know how much you've put into it, how much you want out of it and how much you value everything your home represents. And when you have a showing, we get that you have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate it. That you have to find a place for pets, kids, clutter, etc. That you wait with bated breath for an offer that may or may not appear after every showing. Especially a third showing. We get how frustrating it is when an offer doesn't come. Or when it does, but it's not what you were hoping for. At all. And then there's the excitement of a good offer and all the things that need to happen to make a closing a reality – the inspection (You want me to fix what?!), the appraisal, the money! And then, oh my, you have to move if you haven't already. And the best part? You're free and clear to move on to the next phase of your life knowing that your old, beloved home is already loved by the next family.
On the buying side, we know it takes focus and pragmatism tinged with vision and hope to look for a house, whether you're looking at several in one day in a town you're unfamiliar with or that one special home you've had your eye on for years. We understand the weighing of pros and cons of each property and what a big decision it is to make an offer. The feeling in the pit of your stomach as you await a response from the seller is one that is familiar to us, as is the questioning – Did we do the right thing? Is this really the house we want? Should we have put an offer in on that other one instead? We know some of you spend hours mentally rearranging furniture and painting walls in a home you do not own yet. And when the offer doesn't work out, we get that, too. But when it does – we are right there celebrating with you. And then working through each and every triumph and bump along the way to the closing. The ups and the downs are all well known around here.
We know all this not only because we have dedicated our working lives to real estate, but because we have all gone through it oursleves. This very week, as it turns out, our team is experiencing all of the above. Trey and Shelly are working with Cynthia Paggie, our stager, to prepare their home for the market. Katie sold her house unexpectedly (it's a long story!) and is negotiating an offer on a downtown condo after losing out on a house in University Heights to another offer. She has to find a home for her family by April. Becky is searching for a mid-century modern diamond in the rough that she can renovate in near west Madison in her kids' school district. After many months of searching and unaccepted or mis-timed offers, she's found another and is making an offer.
So, yes, we do get it. We really do. And we're on your side  – and by your side  – each step of the way.