What Kind Of Tree Is That?

October 25th, 2011

Now that's it's Autumn and the yards across Madison, WI are covered in leaves of all shapes and colors, you may find yourself on a walk wondering, “What kind of tree is that?” Most of us can probably identify five or six trees for certain, but with over 700 tree species native to North America, that leaves (no pun intended) a large knowledge gap, now doesn't it?

Problem solved! As is increasingly heard today, 'There's an app for that.”

iPhone users can download Leafsnap (free at leafsnap.com) to identify exactly what kind of tree produced that leaf that is sharing space with the acorns in your gutters. At this point in time, the app only identifies trees found in the New York and Washington D.C. areas, but the rest of the nation will follow soon. If you can't wait, or the tree you want named isn't found in either of those areas, you can visit  ArborDay.org. The site also helps determine what type of tree dropped the leaf in your hand by asking a series of questions about what the leaf looks like.

Now if someone would just create an app that rakes the now identified leaves, that's something I could truly fall for.