Why Antiques?

March 17th, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new? While new gadgets and gizmos are coming out every day that make it tempting to buy the latest and greatest features for your home (did you hear about the AeroMobil flying car going on sale in 2017?!), it’s the antiques that are comfortably sitting in your home for years that give it character.

Interior designers and decorators have been seeking antique and vintage furnishings for clients since the beginning of the modern design profession about 100 years ago. Some early decorators were known as wealthy trendsetters within their community while others were newly rich and filled their houses with pieces handed down through their families.

So, why do people still love antiques after all these years?

Run your fingers down a piece of wood furniture and you will feel smooth indentations where the boards were hewn by hand. Antique pieces offer history of the careful time and effort that once went into crafting the piece of furniture, while giving us a sense of where the piece was likely made, and sometimes even by whom and when.

All of these characteristics give us a sense of the story of each piece. For many of us, our history is somewhat lost. Through collecting, we can imagine what our family may have once had resting on the wall in their living room.  

Even if they weren’t passed down in the family, a collection of antiques and souvenirs become an archive of a family’s life together. A chest that was once standing in the main area of my grandparent’s home now stands in my parent’s living room at home. It's a constant reminder of my family over time and, because of that, it's of much greater significance than the Ikea table in my old bedroom.

The stories that go along these antique pieces are what give personal value to your home, and are one of the many reasons why we love antiques.

The Madison area is filled with wonderful antique shops where you will find one-of-a-kind pieces that contrast well with some of the modern features in your home.

Here are a few antique shops that are worthy of checking out:

1)      Three Orange Doors is a cool vintage shop with a mixture of vintage furniture, collectibles, and contemporary local art. Fine, refurbished furniture is always coming and going along with stained glass and mosaic designs.

2)      Area 51 Vintage Interiors offers mid-century modern décor and furnishings with a blast from the past.

3)      Maple Bluff Antique Mall and Antiques Malls of Madison make Madison a collector’s destination.